Coppicing for logs and firewood by Phil Hopkinson

Helping restore local woodland


Coppicing for firewood and logs

Firewood production and coppicing are not opposites.

Both coppicing and coppicing with standards are management systems that will produce firewood as a long term sustainable crop. Many of the local woods have been producing firewood for local people for hundreds of years. Much of the coppicing was ended around the second world war when many of the local woodlands were clear felled to produce timber for the war effort.

Firewood is a CO2 neural fuel which if delivered locally is environment friendly and helps top keep our CO2 footprint down.

The production of firewood is ideally suited to the many local woodlands with overstood or neglected coppice regimes. In fact I believe it is the way forward to bring many of the local woodlands back into active management.

Coppicing can give a sustainable timber crop for firewood, whilst at the same time providing timber for furniture making and a range of locally coppiced products.

The coppicing should be in 0.2 to 0.4 Hectare coupes. This will probably require a felling licence.

Each 0.4 Hectare will probably produce about 25 to 30 tons of firewood on a forty year rotation.

I have seasoned Ash, Oak and Birch firewood available for local delivery.

Firewood £95 for approximately 1 cubic metre.

Popular and Spruce kindling and Kindling £5.50 per bag 

Woodland Management Plans

As part of any management plan I usually supply a geological map covering the area of your woodland. An assessment of the woodland composition and character. I supply a written report detailing your woods habitats and features, economic potential and hazards or constraints. A detailed work schedule listing operations and time frames. A long term strategy and management objectives.

I am happy to supply examples of my management plans, assessments and felling licence applications along with references.


If you would like more information please contact me.


All pictures have been taken by myself in woodlands that I have worked.


Phil Hopkinson