Coppicing Ash

by Phil Hopkinson

Helping restore local woodland

In previous coppicing seasons I have been mainly cutting young Ash for use in my garden structures, Hedging stakes, bean poles and the like. Any large Ash that I have coppiced has been cut, split and sold as firewood. Although it made excellent quality firewood I have always thought that it was a waste of a fantastic resource.

I am now producing yurt poles, teepee poles, scout staves and coracle lathes from Ash coppice.

In rotation Ash coppice.

Overstood Ash coppice.

I felled an Ash tree last September as part of my first order of Ash logs for a chair-maker from Warwickshire.

One of the logs was larger than requested, a nice log of about 13" in diameter and about 6 feet long. I got talking to my friend, Ron over a beer in the local pub, who was demonstrating his vintage sawmill at the Malvern Autumn show.

He offered to mill the log for me at the show as part of his demonstration. I watched with anticipation as the log was lowered onto the cutting bench by his vintage Matador crane.

After a couple of cuts I was handed a plank of white Ash. I had my first plank of top quality Ash. Within minutes people who had watched my log being converted into planks were giving my orders for Ash planks.

This weekend the chair maker collected his first order of Ash logs from me and once he examined the quality, made a repeat order. this is a great reward for the effort involved in felling and working the Ash from the wood.


Ash Products

My aim is to give you the opportunity to purchase coppiced products that are made from a totally sustainable resource from local woodlands. Nothing from an Ash tree of any size goes to waste.

Planks normally between 5 and 7ft long cut from logs at least 11" wide.

Logs from 9" to 12" in diameter for furniture and chair makers.

Logs about 5" in diameter cleaved, make excellent tent pegs.

Yurt poles, and tee poles are supplied peeled. Scout staves are 5'6" with the buds shaved and sanded.

I supply Green Ash lathes available in thicknesses down to 4mm, ideal for building coracles.

Long bow blanks from Green Ash 6ft long. Only available between September and April.


I supply hedging stakes. Normally 5'6" but other sizes can be supplied. These are made predominantly from Ash.

Bean poles – clean rods 8ft long, 1.5" – 2" diameters at the butt end bundled in 10’s.

Flower stakes – 4 ft long straight rods 0.75 – 1.25 in diameter- sharpened
- bundles of 12.

Tree stakes – 6 – 7ft long sharpened poles, 1.5 – 2.5 butt diameter any wood.

Cordwood - Any wood over 2” in diameter cut to 4 ft lengths.

Stakes for dahlia and Chrysanthemums and small markers for your veg plot.


Any brash is turned into firewood, charcoal or made into dry hedges to keep the deer out of the freshly cut coppice.

I have seasoned firewood available for delivery.


If you would like more information please contact me.

All pictures have been taken by myself in woodlands that I have worked.


Phil Hopkinson