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Coppicing with standards

by Phil Hopkinson

Helping restore local woodland

Coppicing with standards

Coppicing with standards or maiden trees (trees which are not coppiced) was a common woodland management practice in the midlands. It gives a sustainable timber crop for construction and furniture making, whilst at the same time providing a range of locally coppiced products and firewood.

The standards could be one species or multiple species. For instance it could be Oak standards over Hazel, Sweet Chestnut or Lime or a mixed understorey.

The rotation period could be over 20 years with some standards being left to mature for up to 6 rotations. In any one compartment there would be a number of standards at various ages. Up to 40% of the canopy can be occupied by standards. Too many standards will result in poor coppice re-growth due to insufficient light reaching the ground . Standards should be retained at a density of about 30-100 per hectare a 10-18m spacing.

There should always be open canopy between the standards to enable the coppice crop below to get enough light to thrive

I have worked in a number of woods locally where this system has been employed as it is excellent for conservation.

All pictures have been taken by myself in woodlands that I have worked.


Phil Hopkinson