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Terms and Conditions


Course content and dates

While all efforts are made to adhere to the advertised programme, Malvern Coppicing reserves the right to alter courses in accordance with weather conditions, availability of resources and other factors. Malvern Coppicing may also, occasionally, change or cancel an advertised date, and will not be responsible for any losses as a result of travel arrangements made in advance.
The customer is also advised to take out travel insurance to cover cancellation losses. Naturally, participants will be informed of any cancellations or date changes.


Phil Hopkinson and Malvern Coppicing has Public Liability and public indemnity insurance to cover its activities in cases where it can be shown to be negligent. It is, however, recommended that the customer takes out his or her own insurance to cover any damage to personal property, cancellation, losses and injuries for which Malvern Coppicing is not liable.


While all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the safety and well being of participants, courses take place in a woodland environment and participants must be aware, understand and agree that there are inherent dangers in a woodland environment. The participant accepts responsibility for such risks to personal safety and acknowledges that Malvern Coppicing is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.
Students must also acknowledge that participation in a Malvern Coppicing course does not qualify them in any way to teach the subject matter.
Malvern Coppicing will not be liable for any injury that results from failure to follow its safety instructions.

Bookings and cancellation

To book a place on a course, the customer may pay a non-returnable deposit up to a calendar month before the course start date.
The balance payment is required fourteen days before the start of the course. If the customer cancels within 7 days of a course start date the full course fee will be forfeited by the customer. The customer acknowledges that it is reasonable for such penalties to arise, given the need to make preparations for the course substantially in advance. It is recommended that the customer takes out personal insurance to cover cancellation losses and if travel costs are likely to be high it is advisable to check course viability before booking travel tickets. Cancellation occurs when the customer instructs Malvern Coppicing that he or she is unable to attend a booked date, or when Malvern Coppicing informs the customer that a date will not run. Should Malvern Coppicing have to cancel a course for any reason, the customer will usually be offered an alternative date. If this is not acceptable, the booked customer (not including provisional voucher bookings - see below) will be eligible for a full refund.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are value items and as such are non-refundable. Vouchers are valid for a year (from either the date of issue or from the date of a provisional booking made at the time of purchase) and can be redeemed for equivalent monetary value on any Malvern Coppicing course. Vouchers can be re-sold or given to a third party. Purchasers and recipients are therefore responsible for ensuring that their redemption code is not disclosed to third parties who are not the intended users of the voucher, as a given code can only be used once.
If a provisional date booking has been made by the purchaser of the voucher, on receipt, the recipient should confirm whether or not they wish to attend this date. They can do this by either filling in a booking form with their redemption code or informing Malvern coppicing that they will not be attending the provisional date. Once a provisional booking is so confirmed it becomes a full booking and the cancellation conditions described above apply. If a provisional
booking is not confirmed within a calendar month of the course date, the provisional place may be lost and the recipient may have to book another date. The purchaser of the voucher has a responsibility to ensure that the recipient is aware of these Terms and Conditions, Joining Instructions and other booking details supplied with the voucher.

Participant Behaviour

Participants are expected to follow all safety instructions and not to act in any way that compromises the safety, enjoyment, learning or well being of themselves, other participants. Malvern Coppicing will not tolerate abusive behaviour of any kind. Malvern Coppicing has a strict no alcohol policy for safety and insurance reasons. All nonprescription, recreational drugs are strictly prohibited. Malvern Coppicing reserves the right to remove from a course any person/s who does not follow the above rules and guidelines, or in the instructor's judgement presents a serious safety risk. Any person/s so removed, will not be liable for a refund or any compensation. In addition, Malvern Coppicing may ask a person to withdraw from a course, without refund, if they are found to suffer from a physical or mental condition which in the instructor's judgement poses a threat to safety. If a prospective participant is in any doubt about this, they must discuss their condition with the instructor in advance and if the instructor deems necessary seek medical advice. In addition, participants are asked to be respectful of other participants, and staff, for example, with respect to noise (e.g. mobile phones off or in silent mode) and smoking (best downwind, away from the group.

Photography and video

Malvern Coppicing will occasionally take photographs or video for use in its publicity material - if the customer does not wish to be photographed or filmed he or she must inform Malvern coppicing, otherwise consent will be assumed. Malvern Coppicing does not allow any of its training to be videoed.

Click here for a copy of the Coppicing course booking form.


All pictures have been taken by myself in woodlands that I have worked.