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Woodland Tools For Sale

Beber whittling set

| Whittling set details...


We have two sizes of Froe available

Price: £42.50 | Large Froe details...

Price: £27.50 | Small Froe details...

Stubai Side axes

Left and right handed sideaxes available

Price: £43.50 | 800g Side-axe details...

Price: £43.50 | 900g Side-axe details...

Stubai axes

Stubai Nature Line Forest axes and hand axes and Hatchets available

| Stubai axe details...


We have drawknifes by Stubai

Price: £35.50 | Drawknife details...

Pruning Saws

We have pruning saws from Richard Carter and Shogun

| Pruning saw details...

Bushcraft Saws

Bushcraft saws from Shogun

| Bushcraft saw details...


6 patterns from 2 manufacturers including Morris of Dunsford available

Bill Hook details...

Kunz spokeshaves

We have various spokeshave pattern available from Kunz of Germany

| Kunz spokeshave details...

Beber Carvers Tools

We sell superb quality Scandinavian carvers knifes from Beber which offer functunality and value for money.

| Beber Carvers tools details...

Sharpening Waterstones

We have various Waterstones available from Naniwa and Suehiro of Japan and Wusthof of Germany

| Sharpening Waterstone details...

Morris Grasshooks

2 patterns of grasshooks from Morris of Dunsford available

Price: £23.95 inc VAT|Grass hook details...

Price: £23.95 inc VAT|Grass hook - cranked details...

Stubai Carvers Adzes

We have Carvers Adzes from Stubai of Austria

Stubai Adzes details...

Birch Maul

Silver Birch maul - Hand made by Malvern Coppicing from our sustainably managed woodlands, it is made from one solid piece of material with the head being formed on the end. It weighs approximately 1lb (450g). It is used in greenwoodwork for use with a froe or splitting wedge where the use of a metal hammer would be dangerous or damage the metal tool.

Price: £13.95 | Birch Maul details...

Worcestershire Woodin

A guide to successful Hazel coppice woodland management. 84Pages.
It desribes the system used by several generations of the Osborne family
who coppiced woodlands on the estates of North Worcestershire for over 300 years.

Price: £10.00 | Worcestershire Woodin details...

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens towards the cost of courses or tools

Price: any amount| Malvern Coppicing gift tokens